Apps to Keep you on Track

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard to do but thanks to the smartphone there are millions of apps that you can download to help you out. Searching through the App Store for the best healthy lifestyle apps can be difficult so below I have ranked my personal favorites. Apps have the ability to keep us motivated and on track which is something everyone should take advantage of.

The first app that is extremely useful when trying to organize your day is


This app allows you to organize your time into 30 minute intervals in an organized manner. If you work from home or are spending the day at the library you can schedule your homework and breaks ahead of time. Personally I get very distracted and when I plan my day through this app I find myself to get more done in a more timely manner. Not only is the app very useful but it is very easy to navigate. The app is color coated and has large icons making it useful for individuals of all ages.

Headspace:Guided Meditation and Mindfulness


Growing up during the digital age I have noticed that my peers and I are constantly reaching for our phones which is really distracting when trying to get homework done. The App Headspace was created to get people to put down their phones. The app creates a designated time for clarity and meditation. I tried the app out while I was writing a long paper and found it to be very useful. I heard about it from a friend who teaches yoga. By meditating for just a quick 10 minutes I was able to re-energize myself and continue on with my paper. Prior to this I was not very fond of meditation but this app changed my views!

Sleep Bop

Being in college my sleep schedule is all over the place. Through the sleep bop app you are able to track your sleep cycle along with a programed smart alarm to guarantee that you receive the correct amount of sleep. The smart alarm is the most beneficial aspect of this App because you are sure not to over sleep or under sleep. Sleep is one of the most important factors to focus on when you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A good night sleep allows you to have a more successful and energized day. After one night of using the app I was able to see how a good night of sleep was able to positively effect my day.



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