The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Meal Prep

For this weeks blog post I have decided to take on the concept of meal prepping. Over the past few weeks I have been looking to social media for new ideas that will motivate me to lead a healthier lifestyle and one that many life style coaches seem to promote is mea prep. For those that do not know meal prepping is a quick and simple way to guarantee that you have real and healthy food ready to eat throughout the week. If you are looking to meal prep in the future I am going to share with you the do’s and don’ts of meal prepping that I have determined from trial and error.

  1. Label, Store and Freeze
    • Before you begin to meal prep make sure you have the right tools. To do that you might want to go to your local container store to purchase plastic or glass resealable containers. A few other tips would be to label your containers and cool them before putting them in to the fridge.
  2. Stay Focused
    • If you are meal prepping alone a fun way to stay focused and motivated is to put on your favorite album and prep while it plays. Another option if you have a laptop or TV near by is to put on your favorite show!
  3. Make it a Weekly Event
    • Meal prepping does not have to be done alone. Meal prepping with family members or a group of friends can be a fun activity. Each friend can be given a different task to make the process go faster!
  4. It Doesn’t Take as Long as you Think
    • When people hear “meal prep” they associate it with taking up a lot of time. To make the process go faster you can use the 30/30 app that I reviewed in a previous post to set goals in an organized manner. The more you meal prep the better you will get at it!
  5. Choose your Recipes in Advance
    • Before you begin meal prepping search the Internet for easy recipes that sound good for you to enjoy during the week. By panning in advance you can make a list of ingredients to guarantee that you do not forget any items when you are at the market.

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