Taking Advantage of the Rec Center

As a college student at the University of Arizona we have access to the Rec Center 7 days a week. The Rec center offers every type of equipment for every body type. Along with that the Rec also offers many perks that most students aren’t aware of or take advantage of.

-The rock climbing wall is known by many as a fun pass time but it actually serves as a great arm workout! Whether you are finishing up a workout or passing by the Rec with some friends head outside and check it out.

-Walking through the gym is a struggle for many but luckily the Rec Center offers numerous classes that are run by students. These classes range from HIIT, Yoga, Ab’s Butt and Legs and Cardio. There are classes for anyone who wants to jump start a healthy lifestyle.

-Another great feature at the Rec that many people do not know about is the gym pairing system. If you are looking for a buddy to workout with you can sign up at the front desk and choose your desired workout such as arms, legs or cardio. From there the Rec will pair you with another student that has the same desired workout.



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