Healthy Quick Dinners

As a Senior in college I have been living on my own for four years now, meaning no more home cooked meals by my parents. To find quick easy recipes Pinterest and Instagram have answered all my questions. I am personally a very healthy eater and that being said my favorite account to find recipes is through Rachel Mansfield. Rachel Mansfield is a health food recipe developer from New York who never fails to impress. Whether you are looking for something for dinner or a healthy dessert every recipe is quick and easy to follow. Instagram now has a new feature where you can flag photos and categorize them, this feature has allowed me to organize my recipes and will be useful for you to utilize as well. This can also be done on Pinterest.

Pinterest is very easy to use if you haven’t before. You can create a new account through Facebook and search absolutely anything. Whether you are cooking for a certain occasion or to slim down in a certain area Pinterest can provide you will all the information you need. Living in Arizona the temperature is extremely hot so at times I turn to Pinterest for some recipe inspiration for a hot day. Here is a link to summer recipes that are easy to make!



Easy to Follow Workout Routine

As I begin my journey to lead a healthier life style through food and diet I first turned to Instagram to search for a workout routine that would be easy to follow and would not be hard to do in-between classes and school work. I headed to the search page on Instagram and was immediately lead to a profile run by Kayla Itsines. As I looked through her profile which has 6.8M follows I became aware that she was some sort of fitness guru. Her Instagram posts showed the transformation of many women who followed her workout routine. By seeing all of the positive outcomes I decided to purchase her fitness guide and get started. Before doing so I consulted with some friends who had done in the past and they had nothing but good things to say. Kayla’s workouts target every part of your body and gives quick results. Below is a link to her Instagram account to see the results for yourself.